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Our approach
Our approach
What sets us apart?
Based in Palmerston North, the Shane Rufer School of Football is one of only a few soccer training programmes in New Zealand that's run by a former professional player. Shane has more than 30 years experience playing and coaching at the national and international level.

Shane is also an A-licensed football coach - committed to offering the highest quality training to young players.

Player development
We believe in developing players at their own level, taking into account each individual's physical, mental and technical abilities.

The programmes are designed to allow players to succeed and reach goals set throughout the term. There's no substitute for hard work, so what a player gets out of training depends on the effort he or she puts in.

Training focuses on development of fundamental football skills, including:

  • Ball skills
  • Juggling
  • Learning to kick with both feet
  • Shooting Accuracy
  • Speed and control
  • Body Position
  • Visual awareness
  • Decision making

Training is designed to be challenging, because by taking on challenges, players grow and improve their skills. Shane has also designed a number of fun, interactive games to reinforce specific skills.

Training sessions always include small-sided games, so players can put their skills into practice in ‘real play' situations.

Shane Rufer School of Football - CC44582 is a registered charitable entity in terms of the Charities Act 2005
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