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OMS Paita International, U12 - Nine Aside Tournament, New Caledonia

The following players took part in this tournament during the 2014 April school holidays:  Ayokunie Adeyinka, Zoe Barrott, Jake Eagar, Aniela Jensen, Matthew Jones, Logan Kinajil-Moran, Jarrod Mckechnie, Jethro Oswald, Michael Poff, William Sule, Jesse Teumohenga and Aiden Wellborne.

They were very successful - taking home victory - winning the tournament.  Well done guys!

The following adults accompanied the children and enjoyed the experience of New Caledonia:  Shane Rufer, Isabelle Poff-Pencole, Deborah Barrott, Dean Eager and Scott Moran.

Football and Cultural Exchange Tour, Palmerston North, March 27-April 1, 2014.

Aosaki Football Team came and enjoyed a full and exciting cultural exchange tour including:  Farm Tour, Rock Climbing, School Visits, Shopping, City Council Tour.  

The Football Tournament consisted of 8 teams:  Aosaki Football Team, Hiroshima; Shane Rufer Touring Team to Japan, Jan; Shane Rufer Touring Team to New Calidonia, April; Western Suburbs, Wellington; Central Football Selection; Ruahine, Palmerston North; Marist, Palmerston North;  Hokowhitu, Palmerston North.

The tournament was held on Saturday, 29 March 2014.

Result:  Aoskai - 1st; Shane Rufer Touring Team, Japan - 2nd; Shane Rufer Touring Team, New Calidonia - 3rd.

A fantastic effort from all players.  Well done!

Football and Cultural Exchange Tour, Hiroshima, Japan, January 7-23, 2014.

The following have been selected:  Charlie Birch, Liam Craw, Zac Dean, Elizabeth Dombroski, Rourke Fraser, Jeremiah George, Robert Norman, Taahnisha Paul, Michael Poff, Amber Powell, Jayden Powell, Zane Powell, Stanton Benjamin Renwicks, Benjamin Schwarzenbach, Hunter Stoneman-Boyle.

Rourke Fraser, Michael Poff and Jayden Powell also participated in the Football and Cultural Exchange Tour, January 2013.

Manawatu Representative Honours 2013

Congratulations to:  U11 Boys:  Harry Auckram, Devon Charles, Dominic Rankin, Flynn Roache, Elijah Smith, Jessie Teumohenga, Joey Thomas.   U12 Boys:  Ayokunie Adeyinka (KK), Alex Bowden, Mac Charles, Corban Charles, Jethro Oswald, Michael Poff, Jaeden Shaw, Josh Ware.   U13 Boys:  Noah Clegg, Jacob Cranston, Cameron Henn, Sam Leabourne, Jakob Lind, Ryan McDermott, Finlay McRae, Adam Meneginhi, Patrick Tobin.   U14 Boys:  Joshua Ashton, Graeme Ayson, Che Boag, Josh Francis, Hagan Hudson, Elijah Just,  Sam Jones, Zac Mangos, Luke Palfreyman, Heath Patterson.   15/16 Boys:  Jake Besenyi, Nick Carrick, Mitchell Cutts, Finn Gallagher Forbes, Jamie Jackson, Sean Liddicoat, Taylor Monk, Liam Outtrim, Jack Henry Sinclair, Patrick Smither, Thomas Viles.  U11 Girls:  Jessica Ayson, Libby Dombroski, Georgie Furnell, Tess Rasmussen, Tyler Wood.   U13 Girls:  Aniela Jensen, Jessica Auckram, Kate Mori, Jasmine Jensen, Courtney Ross.  U15 Girls:  Hadley Hudson, Gorgi Van Lienen, Anna Robson, Mkylah Wilson, Molly Woodhead.  U16 Girls:  Imo Boss, Siobhan Patterson.

Alex Rufer

Wellington Phoenix

Congratulations to Alex who has signed a 3 year contract with the Wellington Phoenix.  He scored his first goal against Petone on 6 August.  He has also played 55 mins in Sydney against the Western Sydney Wanderers on 21 August, and 45 minutes against the V Newcastle Jets on 24th August.  

FIFA U17 World Cup

The New Zealand U17 National team has qualified for the FIFA U17 World Cup finals in United Arab Emirates in Oct/Nov. New Zealand beat Cook Islands 9-0, New Caledonia 4-0, Fiji 4-1, Papau New Guinnea 4-0 and Vanuatu 2-1. Alex scored 4 goals.  New Zealand qualified for the World Cup U17 on 25 April 2013.  Date:  17 October - 8 November 2013.

AJAX Course

The following players were selected for the AJAX Course at the Ole Football Academy in Porirua.  U14 - Rourke Fraser, Caleb Henry, Jayden Powell, Raven Stevens.  U12- Michael Poff.  Date:  17-19 May 2013.

Fifa U19 Blue Stars Zurich

Wade Randle and Alex Rufer participated in the World class FIFA U19 Blue Star tournament in Zurich.  Shane Rufer and Wynton Rufer were the coaches.  Results:  1-1 v Botofoga - Basil, 0-0 v Borrusia Dortmund - Germany, 2-0 loss v Grasshoppers - Switzerland, 2-0 loss v Basle - Switzerland, 1-1 v Blue Stars. Blue Stars won 4-3 on penalties.  Alex Rufer slotted his penalty.  FC Zurich - Switzerland won the final v Botofoga - Brasil.  For the record, Wynton Rufer played 3 years professionally at FC Zurich and 1 year at Grasshoppers and Shane Rufer played 6 years at FC Zurich.  Date:  8-9 May 2013.

Shane Rufer School of Football U12 Tournament, Palmerston North

Result:  Aosaki 1st, Red Sox 2nd, Shane Rufer School of Football U12 3rd.  (Came down to goal difference for 2nd and 3rd place, with a goal difference of 2).  The U12 Tournament took place on 23-24 March 2013.  

Shane Rufer School of Football Selection Team vs Aosaki, Palmerston North

Result:  Shane Rufer School of Football Selection Team won against Aosaki, 2-1. Rourke Fraser slotted the first goal, and Luke Palfreyman scored the second goal to take us to the win.  Date:  22 March 2013.

Asian Cup Tournament, Hiroshima, Japan

The U12 Tournament took place on 12-13 January 2013.  The Shane Rufer School of Football U12 team had a wonderful time learning new skills and experiences.  Date: 8-23 January 2013.

The team was:  Zico Batchelor, Harold Chinula, Rourke Fraser, Caleb Henry, Jude Hiri, Aniela Jensen, Samuel Leabourne, Duncan MacKay, Te Ihinga Mar, Aiden O'Connor, Heath Patterson, Michael Poff, Jayden Powell, Raven Stevens, Tyler Wood.

Federation Representative Honours 2013

Congratulations to:  U15 Boys:  Nick Carrick, Daniel Greenblatt, Matthew Hilson, Faisal Kilani, Sean Liddicoat, Lee Rufer, Peter Tremain.    U14 Boys: Taylor Monk, Jack-Henry Sinclair, Thomas Viles.    U13 Boys:  Tesco Grunwald, Sam Jones, Liam Outtrim, Luke Palfreyman.    U12 Boys:  David Garner, Elijah Just, Ryan McDermott.    U15 Girls:  Siobhan Patterson.  U13 Girls:  Imo Boss, Hadley Hudson, Anna Robson, Raven Stevens, Giogi Van Lienen, Myklah Wilson, Molly Woodhead. 

Thomas Viles

Thomas Viles has been selected to have a trial at APFA.

Naoki Hotehama

As part of our Football and Cultural exchange programme with Japan, Naoki Hotehama has joined our coaching team in Palmerston North where he is learning our culture, english and playing football for Western Suburbs in the Central League. Naoki played 6 years in the San Frecce Hiroshima youth teams from 12 to 18yrs before attending Kansai University where they where champions of Japan.

Daniel Mulholland

Daniel Mulholland has accepted a scolarship at APFA.

Florent Caillot

Florent Caillot from France has joined our coaching staff. He has a successfull career coaching in France and is also a personal trainer. He will be with us for 12 months.

Alex Rufer

Alex Rufer has accepted a scolarship at APFA and has just returned from the successfull World tour of Engalnd and USA where they played Everton, Totenham Hotspurs, Wolverhampton Wanderers and some top USA college teams. 

Alex Rufer has been selected for a 3 day trial at the Asia Pacific Football Academy (APFA) in Christchurch on 20th, 21st and 22nd of August. 

Tournament Results

Under 11 Tournament 27th June 2010

  • 4 a side Champions: England Patrick Tobin, Michael Poff, Oscar Oswald, Cameron Henn
  • 1 V 1 Competition Champion: Isaac Johnston-Lundy, Runner up Patrick Tobin
  • Penalty Shootout Champion: Che Boag
  • Juggling Competition Champion: Elijah Just 240, Runner up Hagan Hudson 185
  • Fair Play Award: Imo Boss

Senior Tournament 18th July 2010

  • 4 a side Champions: Spain Alex Rufer, Sean Liddicoat, Thomas Viles, Faisal Kilani
  • 1 V 1 Competition Champion: Jordan Mulholland, Runner up Alex Rufer
  • Penalty Shootout Champion: Daniel Mulholland
  • Juggling Competition Champion: Jake Jackson-Grammar 511, Runner up Alex Rufer 445
  • Fair Play Award: Curtis Jones

National Honours

Football New Zealand National Training Camps
Congratulations to these 22 players who have been selected to participate in Football New Zealand National Training Camps

Hannah Robert, Siobhan Patterson, Chantelle Leban, Molly Woodhead, Anna Robson, Hadley Hudson, Liam Carr, Alex Ware, Daniel Mulholland, Jamie Jackson, Sean Liddicoat,  Alex Rufer, Orin Prattley-Ruaine, Joe Craven, Rhys Janes, Taylor Monk, Thomas Viles, Jack Henry Sinclair, Andrew Drake, Mathew Hilson, Dominic Wooldridge, Dalton Wilkins.

International Tours

Japan Jan 2011

Japan Team photo 2011


Japan April 2010

A successfull tour of Japan by the Shane Rufer School of Football team in April 2010 has paved the way for what is set to become a regular football and cultural exchange programme.

Front row: Siobhan Patterson, Mathew Hilson, Lee Rufer, Daniel Mulholland, Liam Patterson, Chantelle Leban.

Second Row: Jacques Leban, Sean Mulholland, Julian Serepisos, Benedict Grant, Andrew Drake, Levi Mcfarlane, Jordan Mulholland, Shane Rufer, Isabelle Poff-Pencole.

Back Row: Hannah Robert, Rhys Janes, Curtis Jones, Alex Rufer, Faisal Kilani



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