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Our approach
If you have a question about our Palmerston North Football School that is not answered below, make an enquiry to ask.

What do you do at training sessions?
Activities and drills vary from session to session, and depend on the skills and abilities of the players in the group. All drills/activities are done with the ball.

Generally, training includes the following:

  • Warm up and cool down
  • Practice ball skills - focus on learning to kick with both feet
  • Games to reinforce skills
  • Practicing shielding, body position and visual awareness
  • Work on individual technique and team tactics
  • Small sided games

Who can participate in the School of Football?
The Shane Rufer School of Football offers training for boys and girls aged 5 to 16.

Boys and girls of different ages train together, with children grouped according to skill level (Junior, Intermediate and Senior). This allows coaches to deliver a training program that is tailored to the abilities of the group.

Who is Shane Rufer?
Shane is a football coach and former professional player who is committed to developing and promoting youth soccer in New Zealand. More about Shane...

What does it cost?
The After School Programme costs $100/ 10 week term (1 session/wk) or $12/session for casual attendance.
The School Holiday Programme costs $100/ week (5 half-days) or $25/session for casual attendance.

10% discount for additional sessions or registration for additional family members.

What if a player can't make it to a training session?
Players can make up missed sessions any time throughout the term. There is no additional charge for making up a missed session. Please contact Shane,

Can players join part-way through a term?
Yes. If you join part-way through a term, you may choose to attend more than one session each week to make up for missed sessions or pay $10 per session until the end of the term.

What happens if it's raining?
Training sessions run rain or shine. We often have access to indoor facilities, but players should come to training prepared for the possibility of practicing outdoors, whatever the weather.

If it is raining heavily and cold, players may decide to train on another night of the week instead. Please contact Shane.

Can parents stay and watch training?
Parents are welcome, but not required, to stay and watch training sessions.

How do you deal with behaviour issues/discipline?
The training environment encourages teamwork and fair play, so disciplinary action is rarely required. When issues do arise, we believe in giving children choices and encouraging them to find constructive solutions to problems.

Any ongoing behaviour issues will be addressed with parents, if necessary.

Are children safe at training?
We make every effort to ensure a safe training environment - ensuring that the pitch is well-maintained, players are supervised and protective equipment is worn. Injuries are rare, but if something happens, we will take the required action to ensure they are treated appropriately - this can include contacting parents or taking a child to the hospital/GP.

Is financial assistance available to help cover the cost of training?
The School of Football or external corporate/community sponsors may be able to assist with the cost of training. Feel free to talk to Shane, in complete confidence, about the possibility of financial assistance.

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